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About Us

About JGentech

Inspired by the promising turn-around of the country economic condition and the vibrancy of the business community specifically on the technological front, a young man sharing a common belief in the positive signs of the times conceptualized the creation of a company which is aimed to take part in the vast opportunities in Power Engineering. The company is aimed to focus on the trading of Power Systems Supplies and After Sales Servicing.

Approved by the DEPARTMENT OF TRADE & INDUSTRY last August 28, 2007, the Company is now known as JGENTECH ENTERPRISES. The company is located at 37H A. Luna St., West Rembo, City of Makati. It was issued a Business Permit, Sanitary and Environmental Permit by the City Government of Makati last August 26, 2007.

JGENTECH ENTERPRISES adheres to the highest standards of professionalism. The essence of its existence is rooted on its goal to ensure excellent service and client’s satisfaction. We assure our clients of an efficient, customer based and reliable business transactions. Our business agenda shall be based on current technological standards. Ultimately, we aim to build a lasting, beneficially growing relationship with our clients.


Company Philosophy

Excellent service, reliable products and 24/7 commitment to our Customers.

Company Mission

To provide our customers the best value in power generation products and services. Develop company client respect through reliable business transaction and establish a good reputation in business development.

Company Vision

We envision a company that shall have a high standard in power system, supplies and services to address the needs of the market and the service provider by choice.

Company Objectives

In fulfillment of this mission and vision and guided by the company philosophy, we fully commit to the following stakeholder principles:



Our customers are our reason for being here. We believe that we should always treat them with the dignity and courtesy and be fully responsive to their needs. We therefore have the responsibility to:

  • Provide our customers with the highest quality products and services, consistent with their requirements and with international standards;
  • Treat our customers fairly, courteously and with integrity in all of our business transactions;
  • Act promptly on their immediate concerns and be receptive to their long-term needs and interests; and
  • Make every effort to ensure that the health, safety and general well-being of our customers are enhanced by our products and services.


Our Suppliers are our business partners. We believe that our relationship with our suppliers must be based on mutual respect and benefit. We therefore have the responsibility to:

  • Foster long-term stability, direct relations and continuous development with suppliers in return for quality, competitiveness, and process efficiency and performance reliability;
  • Seek fairness, truthfulness, integrity, and transparency in all of our business dealings with them; and
  • Seek, encourage and prefer suppliers whose business practices respect human dignity and the environment.


Our Competitors are our catalysts towards continuing service excellence. We believe that fair and honest competition is one of the basic requirements for national development and will ensure the just distribution of products and services to the community we serve. We therefore have the responsibility to:

  • Promote behavior that demonstrates mutual respect among competitors; and
  • Maintain the highest level of business ethics and integrity.


Our Community is our business environment and the society we serve. We believe that our interests and that of the community are complementary and inseparable. We therefore have the responsibility to:

  • Uphold and maintain at all times the highest standards of business ethics;
  • Fulfill with dedication and commitment our social responsibilities;
  • Undertake activities that support and contribute to the economic and social development of the country;
  • Promote and stimulate sustainable development by preserving and enhancing our natural resources; and
  • Employ proactive measures and lead the development in our areas of interest by working with government and other institutions to serve society towards our collective benefit.

Company Statistic

To ensure the trust of our people, those with whom we do business and our other stakeholders, we publish a variety of reports

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